Liam Gallagher - Knebworth 22

Sendezeit: 22:15 - 23:05, 09.06.2023
Genre: Musik und Konzerte
(2022) In June 2022 Liam Gallagher defied all expectations and returned to Knebworth, 26 years after Oasis' historic 1996 shows. Performing to 170,000 people across two nights in one of the first major stage shows following the pandemic. Knebworth 22 is a feature-length documentary that traces Liam back to the site of his former band's defining performances, including all-new interviews, behind the scenes and epic concert footage. The film also goes a little bit further, seeking out stories and perspectives from collaborators and fans of different generations from around the world, transposing the emotional and social context of the 90s' shows versus the tumult of our current era. The film is a witty, poignant portrait of humanity, affirming the power of togetherness and the potency of live performance.

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